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"Holistic Diet and Lifestyle"

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Helen Maxie created Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices in August, 2008 with a focus on Holistic Diet and Lifestyle

In 2000, Helen was introduced to Ayurveda through Pankaj Naram, an Ayurvedic Doctor and Master Pulse Reader.   She received a pulse reading and began practicing an Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet including herbal supplements.   There were additional follow-up appointments including marma treatments (a therapy that works with 108 subtle and sensitive energy points in the body).  

In 2006, Helen participated in Panchakarma (deep cleansing and rejuvenation program) for five weeks at Pankaj Naram's Ayushakti Health Center in Mumbai, India.   www.Ayushakti-usa.com
She returned from India with a renewed vitality and enthusiasm for life.  She felt much healthier, stronger and emotionally balanced.    While at the Ayushakti Center,  Helen participated in Ayurvedic Cooking Classes.
** Look under RECIPES for Green Mung Bean Soup and Sweet Potato Curry.

After returning from India,  Helen decided to attend a full-time program at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico and prepare to become an Ayurvedic consultant.   She had the honor of studying under the direction of  Vasant Lad, Doctor of Ayurveda (B.A.M.S. and M.A.Sc.) with 42 years of clinical experience and an exceptional faculty at the Institute.   Helen completed the Ayurvedic Studies, Level I Practitioner Program in June, 2008.

The training at the Ayurvedic Institute prepares the student to educate clients on Ayurvedic lifestyle and recommend specific changes to improve their health and wellness with focus on the following:

  • Nutrition:  food combining, eating habits and food energetics
  • Lifestyle:  daily and seasonal routines,  relaxation, meditation, sleep,    stress management, personal habits and behaviors, exercise, relationships, and goals.
  • Basic Home Remedies:  food and topical application of spices and oils.

The courses included:  Sanskrit, Anatomy & Physiology, Lifestyle Practices, Integrated Lab (including a series of client consultations) AyurYoga (applies principles of Ayurveda to the practice of hatha yoga from an Ayurvedic perspective for balancing constitutions) and Ayurvedic lecture.

After completing the Ayurvedic Practitioner Program, Helen created Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices.   Currently, Helen holds a professional membership in the National
Ayurvedic Medical Association.    

Helen lives in Midlothian, Virginia and is available for phone consultations and presentations as needed.

Helen would like to welcome you to Ayurveda.  She looks forward to meeting you and sharing the experiences of this ancient and sacred health-care system.


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